Georganics dental floss

Georganic Dental Floss is made from a blend of charcoal fibres and compostable corn-blased PLA, coated with vegetable wax and essential oils. 50 metres gives around 150 applications, sold in a reusable glass dispenser and metal cap, and sent in a compostable PLA pouch and kraft box.

Avoid essential oils for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditions. If you are around pets, avoid toothpastes with xylitol (could be lethal to pets if they licked your mouth or around the sink.

The beechwood interdental brushes are designed for different interdental gaps, from narrow to large, to help remove plaque and tartar build-up that a toothbrush or floss can’t reach. The handle can be composted after use, and each tree harvested is replanted and excess material used to heat up the factory.

Although dentists recommend flossing, it’s usually made from nylon (plastic) or beeswax (not suitable for vegans) and sold in plastic packaging. There are better versions on the market, though to be honest, most people don’t floss correctly, so you’re still good getting teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months at the hygienist. Wild & Stone Dental Floss is made from natural candelilla wax with natural mint flavour, packed in a glass and stainless steel container.

vegan dental floss

&Keep vegan corn starch dental floss is made with compostable corn-based PLA and coated with vegan wax, and flavoured with natural mint oil. Sold in a cardboard dispenser (with vegetable inks) with a small cutting blade.

Friendly Floss was created after the founder cut a plastic bag from around a pigeon’s neck. knowing that 1% of the world’s population that use single use floss picks (this is 29 billion pieces of plastic litter), this was created to use with biodegradable floss, using a pencil-light grip to gently fit in your mouth with your hand holding it. People who can’t get on with floss may be best with a one-time purchase of a water flosser. This removes 99% of plaque and is better for braces and people whose teeth are very close together.

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