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Not everyone needs supplements. But due to lack of plant-based food in some places, busy lives and modern stress, it’s often good as a back-up. It can be confusing navigating different options but for most people, a simple multi-supplement to cover the bases is likely the best option. Here are good brands (all plant-based and in zero-waste packaging). Also read of plant-based omega-3 supplements and plant-based beauty supplements.

Join the campaign for more transparent labelling in the supplement industry. Despite 80% of people taking dietary supplements, most don’t know that the industry kills 24 billion animals yearly and hides them behind names like gelatin, magnesium stearate and omega 3. It’s important to clearly list what’s in supplements, to both help animals and empower people to make informed choices.

Consult a doctor if pregnant/nursing, under 18 or for medical conditions/allergies before taking supplements. Keep supplements away from young children and pets.

Feel multivitamin

Feel (code partner20 for 20% discount excluding bundles/existing subscriptions) offers potent formulas in sustainable packaging, developed with nutritionists. Made with cutting-edge technology  for unique formulas on subscription, these are kosher, halal and free from GM ingredients. Each supplement lists ingredients and benefits, and there are discounts for students or blue light worker (NHS, emergency services or Armed Forces).

The flagship multivitamin contains 32 quality ingredients (including 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 7 phytonutrients, alpha lipoic acid and L-glutamine), with results noticeable in 90 days. Just take 2 capsules per day, for results acclaimed in over 500 clinical studies.

supplements in metal tins (with refills)

Dr Vegan pregnancy

Dr Vegan offers supplements in metal tins, with refill packs. They do smell a bit like compost, but have fantastic reviews. Deeveloped by expert nutritionists using the latest science, the range includes daily multi-vitamins plus supplements for pregnancy, brain and gut health, hair and nails.

fruity supplements in compostable packaging


Vegums makes supplements as chewable fruity gummies, in zero-waste packaging. These look and taste like sweets, so keep away from young children and pets. Developed by two pharmacists, take one for older children and two for adults. Using unrefined sugar and citrus-peel gelling agents, the multivitamin contains vitamin B12 (metabolism), vitamin D3 (plant-based), B6, folic acid, selenium and iodine (you can also buy Iron Gummies). Then cut up the packaging and compost along with your potato peelings!

nutrified iron supplement

Nutrified makes good supplements in capsules (with glass refill jars). The range includes Gut Goodness, Iron Up, Bedtime Bliss and Go & Glow (beauty). You can also buy powders in compostable packs (fruit protein  or green smoothie).

quality supplement inspiration from abroad


Terraseed (US) offers supplements in cardboard tube packaging, formulated by doctors and scientists. The main one features vitamin B12, omega-3, iodine, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc. There is also a supplement for older childrne in a biodegradable child-resistant pill bottle (cherry orange gummies).


Future Kind was founded by two Aussie nutritionist brothers, who donate  a portion of profits to animal sanctuaries worldwide. In sustainable packaging, the range includes standard supplements, omega 3, vegan collagen, protein powders and meal replacement shakes.

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