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African food is very popular in England, a melting pot of cultural cuisines. But rather than always eat out (too expensive) or buy plastic-wrapped ready meals, why not just learn to make your favourite meals?

Never eat rice after 24 hours. Keep recipes away from young children and pets due to onion, garlic, nuts and spices. Read more on food safety for people & pets (many foods are unsafe near animal friends). 

Africa is a vast continent and contains many food influences from North African to tropical recipes from near the Equator. Severe poverty in many areas has led people to eat bushmeat (apes). During Live Aid concert, England was actually importing grain to feed cows to make meat.

Vegan Africa is a book of recipes from Ethiopia to Senegal. Explore over 70 recipes from 15 countries, and cherished memories of the author’s own childhood on the Ivory Coast. The author also shines a spotlight on local superfoods like garlic, ginger, sweet potato and cacao. Learn to make:

  1. Peanut hummus
  2. Cassave tabbouleh with radishes & herbs
  3. Yassa burger
  4. Paprika-spiced plaintain chips
  5. Sweet potato & ginger loaf
  6. Coconut rice pudding
  7. Lemongrass lemonade

Marie Kacouchia is a young Parisian who embraces the cultural references of her two homelands: France and the Ivory Coast. She lives in Paris, France.

Afro Vegan is a unique book by a London-based cook, combining modern British flavours with the rich colours and tastes of her Nigerian upbringing. Recipes include cheesy kokoro, the Nigerian Chapman and nutty plantain brownies.

plant-based recipes from Ethiopia

Teff Love

Teff Love is a super-fun book by a Portland native, offering up simple recipes for Ethiopian cooking, which is by default mostly naturally vegan. Kittee Berns demystifies this cuisine that is often served in small plates with injera dishes and spice blends. Learn to make the fermented dough staple and ye qimem zeyet (a vegan clarified butter). From saucy wots and spicy stews to stir-fries, recipes are easily made soy-and-gluten-free. So pull up a mesob (a woven stand or basket) and party African-style!

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