sheet pan rosemary winter veggies

There’s nothing like a nice Sunday veggie roast with all the trimmings. But let’s not forget the stars of the show; the sides! Sheet-Pan Roasted Winter Rosemary Vegetables (Full of Plants) is sure to go down a treat.

Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods including salt are unsafe around animal friends).

easy pan roasted veggies

Easy pan Roasted Veggies (Minimalist Baker) are easy-to-make or go for Dana’s oil-free version (below).

oil-free roasted veggies

The best way to find seasonal veg is to join a local box scheme or look in local markets and farm shops. Often they have in-season produce at a good price that also tastes better and is cheaper. And the more people shop locally, the less lorries on our road, delivering apples from mainland Europe or cabbage from the other side of the world.

easy-to-make veggie roast dinners

vegan roast chicken

Vegan roast chicken! (School Night Vegan)

Artisan Grains offers easy-to-make nut roast dinners, that are sold in easy-to-recycle trays, and recycle the plastic packaging at kerbside or supermarket bag bins. Packed with protein and free from palm oil, just add water and bake in the tray, then serve with roast veggies. You can store in the cupboard so buy in bulk. Choose from country vegetable cashew, sundried tomato or cashew nut & cranberry. The company also makes good veggie burger mixes (sweet chilli or Moroccan spiced) and falafel mix.

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