the art of compassion

The Art of Compassion is the first book of its kind, a collection of heartwarming and awakening art from 80 vegan artists from around the world. Through the power of art and literature, this book aims to empower animal welfare campaigners and a compassionate lifestyle.

The 180 art pieces are accompanied by in-depth artist interviews (20) and 7 touching poems. The perfect coffee table books, and all proceeds go to support Veganuary, to help people make the switch. Leigh Sanders was born and raised in South Africa, and now lives with her Catalan husband in Spain, where the light and colours of the Mediterranean inspire and make her soul sing. She is founder of this international vegan art collective.

The Art of Compassion Oracle is a beautifully illustrated 100-card deck featuring illustrations from 53 artists in 18 countries, designed to strengthen our spiritual connection to the animal world. Each card offers a message on the reverse, so you don’t need to refer to a booklet. Just pull a card for the day or work with various spreads. All those involved are members of the Art of Compassion Project, with all proceeds helping organisations to spread the vegan message.

the compassionate art of Chantal Kaufmann

friends not food Chantal Kaufmann

Chantal Kaufmann is a Swiss artist who uses her God-given talent for art to help animals, focusing mostly on barnyard friends. You can purchase art from her Etsy shop and this helps her to have the freedom to support organisations that use her art to help animals worldwide. The range includes screen-printed cotton grocery totes, ideal for when you are stocking up on groceries at the the indie health shop!

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