vegan bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding is the ultimate food-waste recipe, a wonderful pudding to use up day-old bread and dried fruits. Vegan Bread & Butter Pudding (The Veg Space) soaked bread in custard, adds juicy raisins and tops with brown sugar.

Use palm-oil-free vegan butters. Keep this pudding away from pets, due to unsafe ingredients (dried fruits etc). Read more on food safety for people & pets. Never give stale/mouldy/crusty bread to birds or wildfowl (also don’t give buttered bread, as it smears on feathers, affecting weatherproofing/insulation). 

vegan bread butter pudding

This zesty bread & butter pudding is from Katy Beskow’s delightful recipe book Five Ingredient Vegan. It uses ready-made vegan custard and marmalade to greatly simplify the recipe.

vegan bread pudding

This vegan bread pudding (Heartful Table) is a delightfully stodgy pudding, created and adapted by a Croatian chef.

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