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Chantal Kaufmann

Farm sanctuaries are not the same as ‘city farms’ (where children simply visit sheeps and pigs in urban areas). Proper farm sanctuaries take neglected and abused animals from the farming industry, and give them a wonderful new life of peace, where they are safe and happy for the rest of their lives. Obviously people becoming vegan helps, but in modern times when donations have slashed, many sanctuaries are running on a shoestrong, so here are wonderful ways to help them. Also see clothing brands that help animal charities. You can find an extensive list of organisations that can help with grants for tiny farm sanctuaries and other animal charities struggling financially at Charity Excellence.

Although farmed animals do get some protection from the law in certain countries (you can report concerns), it’s never enough. See the barnyard friends tag for more ways to help.

Surge Sanctuary is a wonderful place, set in 18 acres of the rural Midlands. Founded by a small group of close friends from the animal welfare organisation Surge (including the founder of London fast food outlet Unity Diner (all profits support the sanctuary). Residents include lambs saved from becoming Easter lunch to pigs rescued from abattoirs, they even have animals that used to live on building sites. Their shop sells cotton t-shirts and pretty mugs.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary was established nearly 40 years ago, when the founder saw sick and diseased animals offered for sale at a livestock market. She bought 60 of them and gave them urgent vet care, and the sanctuary has cared for hundreds of animals since. The sanctuary costs £2500 a day to run and their funds are running out, so please sponsor an animal and leave a legacy in your Will.

92 acres of land for rescued barnyard friends 

misty dawn Jo Grundy

Jo Grundy

Goodheart Sanctuaries is one of England’s most renowned farm sanctuaries, giving home to over 300 rescued animals in 92 acres of rolling countryside between Worcestershire and Shropshire. All the residents now have safe cosy places to sleep, and freedom to explore pastures and woodland (there are also two large pools for waterfowl). Obviously donations are welcome. The sanctuary also sells fun organic aprons, with ‘cow prints’ that feature ‘cuts’ not of meat (but of scratching post finders and favourite tickle spots!)

Buy a no-bone-china mugs featuring happy rescued residents! The sanctuary also makes a lovely plant-based alternative for the 12 days of Christmas.

the wonderful Farm Sanctuary in the USA

Farm Sanctuary Gene Baur

Farm Sanctuary is a safe haven for abused and neglected animals on both US coasts. This major organisation now campaigns for farm animal welfare. The organisation was founded by a couple (including Gene Baur, above) who found a ‘downed’ little lamb on a heap, left for dead. ‘Hilda’ was rescued and survived, and this organisation is at the forefront of helping people discover the benefits of plant-based eating. Visit the site to find out more, and how to help!

free guides for new or existing sanctuaries

open sanctuary project

Whether you want to set one up (or already run one), The Open Sanctuary Project is a fantastic website where you can find care guides by species, all given by experts to help. You’ll find over 500 articles including for other rescued creatures like parrots and donkeys!

open sanctuary project

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