Mr Organic biscuits

Mr Organic is a wonderful food brand that offers everything from pasta (in plastic-free paper packaging) to protein-rich tomato sauces. It also is one of the few brands that offers vegan biscuits free from palm oil (recycle the packaging at supermarket bag bins).

Keep ‘human biscuits’ away from pets due to nuts, dried fruits, citrus, chocolate, nutmeg etc. Read more on food safety for people & pets.

Choose from the following flavours:

  1. Chocolate chip
  2. Chocolate orange
  3. Double chocolate

The same company also makes savoury biscuits and Italian-style breadsticks. Add some fresh organic fruit, and have a real feast!

palm-oil-free biscuits from Switzerland

Rhythm 108 is one of the few brands of vegan biscuits on sale in grocery stores that are free from palm oil. If not making your own, this is the next best thing, and you can compost or recycle the packaging.

Made in Switzerland, everything is free from palm-oil and gluten-free. The range includes:

  1. Coconut crunch
  2. Almond biscotti
  3. Lemon ginger chia

Prefer a softer biscuit? Try:

  1. Hazelnut chocolate praline
  2. Chocolate peanut butter

They also make chocolate bars:

  1. Almond sea salt
  2. Creamy coconut
  3. Hazelnut praline
  4. Chocolate orange
  5. Roasted almond butter
  6. Hazelnut truffle

natural healthy cookies from Latvia 

The Beginnings is an interesting food brand from Latvia, which proves it’s perfectly possible to make healthy flapjacks and cookies without animal ingredients or palm oil. Their snack bars are so natural that the ‘banana bar’ ingredients are simply oats, a banana, almond butter and a date!

These cookies are so healthy, that dietiticans in Latvia recommend them! Made with around a third of heart-healthy oils, they are bound with rapeseed and coconut oil, and sweetened with natural sugar. Flavours include:

  1. Caramel oat
  2. Almond pecan
  3. Blueberry or seaberry
  4. Blackcurrant
  5. Raw apple
  6. Almond orange or cranberry
  7. Coconut ginger

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