interview with a tiger

Interview with a Tiger (and other clawed beasts) is a fun book that gets up close with 10 fierce and furry beasts (including tigers) as they step up to the mic, and share their habits, behaviour, likes/dislikes, favourite foods and more. It also features ‘interviews’ with a wolf, honey badger, giant armadillo, lion, giant anteater, jaguar, snow leopard, polar bear and three-toed sloth. Plus tips on how to help endangered species.

interview with a shark

Interview with a Shark (and other ocean giants) gets up close with 10 extraordinary marine creatures, as they step up to the mic to share their habits, behaviours, likes/dislikes and favourite foods. The book features ‘interviews’ with:

  • A great white shark
  • A blue whale
  • An orca (killer whale)
  • A sunfish
  • A giant squid
  • A narwhal
  • A manta ray
  • An octopus
  • A conger eel
  • An angler fish

interview with a panda

Interview with a Panda (and other endangered animals) educates children on how to help, with interviews with:

  • A giant panda
  • A green turtle
  • A black rhino
  • A flying fox
  • A Sumatran elephant
  • A Cuban crocodile
  • A tiger chameleon
  • A kakapo (New Zealand owl parrot)
  • A Western Nimba Toad

interview with a kangaroo

Interview with a Kangaroo (and other marsupials) looks at animals who carry their young in pouches. Features interviews with:

  • A kangaroo
  • A koala
  • A Virginia opossum
  • A Tasmanian devil
  • A numbat
  • A bandicoot
  • A sugar glider
  • A quokka
  • A spotted cuscus

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