vegetable stew in tomato broth

Stew is simply a dish cooked for a long time, usually in gravy. There are many kinds of stews from traditional hotpots to Irish stew and Hungarian goulash.

This vegan stew (Broke Bank Vegan) uses potatoes, mushrooms and contains in a hearty broth with an Italian-style mirepoix (onions, carrots and celery) base. You can also add root veggies, tinned beans, leafy greens or add some wild rice or barley (or even add vegan double cream).

Read up on food safety for people & pets. Many foods including garlic, onion, mushrooms, spices, faux meats and fresh dough (for dumplings) are unsafe near animal friends).

Although most have been made with meat in the past, today many people are choosing to use plant-based alternatives – whether that’s more natural ingredients like lentils or meat-like alternatives (from tempeh to meat-based faux meats).

There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as they are free from palm oil and you can recycle the packaging. England has 60 million people. And we don’t have enough land to feed everyone free-range. So if a meat-eater or farmer has a go at you for ‘not supporting British meat’, let them know that you’re helping to prevent factory-farming.

Casseroles are different in that they have a topping like potato or sometimes dumplings (popular in Eastern Europe cuisine). Although years ago stews and casseroles would be cooked over an open fire, today they are mostly made on the hob (or to save energy bills, often in a slow cooker or Instant Pot – a gadget you can buy in all kitchen stores that combines a slow cooker with other jobs like pressure cooker, rice cooker and air-fryer and food warmer).  Here are some nice really plant-based simple dishes to try.

a recipe for vegan Lancashire hotpot!

vegan hotpot

This vegan hotpot (The Veg Space) is made with tinned lentils, mushrooms and ready-made vegan sausage (we like Moving Mountains). Packed with flavour, it’s a hearty dish that’s super-easy and rich in protein, ideal for cold Lancashire nights, served with steamed green veggies. So good – even people from Yorkshire may try it?!

a recipe for vegan Irish stew

vegan Irish stew

Irish stew (A Virtual Vegan) is a one-pot hearty meal that can be made on the stove, in a slow cooker or in an Instant Pot. Vegan-friendly Guinness gives an incredibly rich, deep flavour to the gravy that is loaded with chunky, sweet, tender vegetables. Make it with just the veg, or add some optional vegan “meat” or mushrooms to make it even more satisfying and flavourful!

a filling one-pot veggie stew recipe 

veggie stew

This veggie stew (ElaVegan) is packed with green peas, potatoes, carrots and more hearty vegetables. A lovely one-pot dish to eat alone with bread, or serve as a side dish.

a recipe for ‘beefless beef stew’

vegan stew

This beefless beef stew (The Nut-Free Vegan) makes good use of commercial beefless strips. It’s a very simple recipe that just adds them to onion, pepper, carrots, mushrooms, peas and Yukon gold potatoes along with a few flavourings. Garden beef strips are American, you could sub with Happiee Beefiee Strips!

Eastern-Europe-style vegan dumplings

vegan dumplings

These vegan dumplings (The Veg Space) are sure to impress your Eastern European guests (keep fresh dough away from pets). Very easy to make by steam-cooking in a pot, serve with Kate’s Vegan Stew with Pearl Ale & Barley. She also has a nice recipe for a vegan sausage casserole.

vegetable stew

Rich & Hearty Vegetable Stew (Feasting at Home) is a feast of winter vegetables, earthy mushrooms, sweet carrots and tender potatoes. Simmered in veggie broth with fresh rosemary, this is comfort food heaven.

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