Havana Amber Davenport

Amber Davenport

You can’t have a ‘green car’ but you can have a greener one. Fiat’s new 500 electric car is proving very popular, and it seems that electric cars will soon be the norm (they still have to get electricity from the national grid, but things are at least improving.

  1. Read Cutting Your Car Use. This is a great little book (on recycled paper) with 100 simple tips, whether you wish to drive less or give up your car altogether. The author is England’s first traffic reduction consultant who walks most places, uses a folding bike, hires a car now and then occasionally uses a taxi.
  2. If you own a car, find tips on being a wildlife-friendly driver. Never leave dogs in warm/hot cars (even with the window cracked and in the shade) as temperatures can get dangerously high.
  3. If possible, let your mechanic change antifreeze (lethal to pets and wildlife) to avoid spills (use sand or kitty litter to absorb, never mop it). If you do change it yourself, use a funnel (same with oil).
  4. Keep your car regularly serviced to keep it running for longer, and buy eco-friendly insurance/breakdown cover from ETA.
  5. Taxicard offers discounted taxi travel across London if you have mobility impairments (or any trouble using public transport). GPs can also endorse applications with a mobility assessment. Be careful with taxi companies claiming to be sustainable (some use leather seats, which is anything but and cruel too). But most towns now have hybrid vehicles, which are good to support.
  6. Keep cars clean with hot water and biodegradable unscented cleaner. Avoid essential oils in cars with babies or pets, or if pregnant/nursing. To remove odours, use a charcoal purifying bag. Or use MOSO scent-free car freshener spray. If you smoke, stop outside the car and use a personal ashtray to extinguish the butt, for safe disposal.

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