Altid clothing

Altid is a sustainable fashion brand, offering low carbon organic cotton tees, hoodies and casual clothing for men, in a wide range of colours and styles. Designed to stop 10% of global emissions emitted by the fashion industry, find gifts for your man! Also read of clothing brands that help animal charities.

The best fabrics are cotton, hemp and linen. Wash synthetic (oil) fibres in a microplastic catcher to stop them leaching from machines into the sea. Bamboo is okay but some companies use chemicals like rayon to make it. Tencel is made wtih flammable eucalyptus trees – Spain and Portugal have already banned new plantations, due to wildfires.

altid clothing

As well as creating stylish clothing that lasts, carbon emissions are calculated to offset when sending out to customers. The timeless essential pieces are designed to look good for years to come. Everything is sent with free postage in plastic-free packaging. The organic cotton t-shirts are a good fit in several colours, with plain or subtle logos. Regular fit and soft touch. Buy a few as summer staples. The hoodies have a drawstring fit.

Outdoor clothing is good for our chilly weather, but it’s best to find natural fabrics, when buying new.  Organic cotton costs a little more, but it’s far better for the planet as it is free from chemicals and pesticides that harm water supplies and wildlife (and farmers who grow the cotton – they also don’t have to wear uncomfortable protective clothing if farming organically). As the fibres have not been treated by chemicals, they tend to last longer too, which means garments are more cost-effective.

Organic (or any cotton) washes safely in the machine without depositing microplastics (unlike synthetic fibres). And at end of life, it safely biodegrades back to the earth, leaving no trace behind. It’s even softer on skin, so ideal for people with eczema or psoriasis.

affordable organic cotton men’s clothing

earth wardrobe

Earth Wardrobe (Scotland) is another organic  clothing company offering men’s basics, again designed to be affordable. Find Find t-shirts to sweatshirts to smart shirts made from organic or recycled cotton.

Goose Studio (London) is another company that offers affordable organicc otton basics, sent in sustainable packaging.

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