dirty cow vegan liqueur

Despite being though of an ‘Irish’ drink, Baileys (although made in Ireland) is actually owned by a huge multi-national company. Diageo that operates worldwide, and owns many well-known drinks brands including Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff vodka, Captain Morgan rum, Gordon’s gin and Guinness (which also is not Irish – in fact the harp is the other way around from the national symbol, as the Protestant founder would not let the Irish government use it!) It now even part-owns non-alcoholic Lincolnshire brand Seedlip which started out in the founder’s kitchen. It’s good that quality drinks go global, but perhaps a bit sad that it no longer retains independent control (and profits now help to fund companies like Bailey’s, which uses dairy milk).

Baileys Irish Cream is a popular and unique drink, made by blending whisky with chocolate and cream. Usually served over ice, a few years back the company launched Baileys Almande, made with almond milk. There was first joy but then despair when vegans found the company had not done its research and added beeswax. To its credit, the company went back to the drawing board and created a proper vegan version. And then – they dumped it! So it’s obviously we can’t rely on the company to come up with another version, so it pays to look for alternative versions – or make your own!

store-bought (vegan) cream liqueurs

dirty cow vegan liqueur

Here are a few independent alternatives, which are all plant-based. Obviously keep these drinks away from children and pets, due to alcohol (and sometimes chocolate). 

dirty cow vegan liqueur

Dirty Cow Cream Liqueur is independently-owned and making waves across the world. Free from 14 major allergens, it features notes of French vanilla and butterscoth, and is lovely chilled or poured over ice. There are also versions for strawberry (strawberries & cream – Wimbledon calling?) and chocolate (with notes of coffee). Try a couple of their cocktail recipes: Strawberry Hardshake just adds to plant milk and ice-cream with fresh strawberries. And the frappe mixes with ice and caramel sauce.

the world’s first (oat milk) liqueur

Panther milk

Panther Milk is the world’s first oat-milk liqueur brand (inspired by a Spanish cocktail) with vanilla, strawberry and mint flavours. Featuring hints of spice and molasses, it’s made with spiced/white rum, gin and brandy. In 4 flavours (cream, mint, strawberry and coffee. Serve chilled over ice and top with cinnamon, to believe you’re in Barcelona!

other good brands of vegan Baileys

Licor 43

  1. Licor 43 Horchata Cream liqueur is a delicate fusion of horchata with flavours of tiger nuts, spice and citrus.
  2. Almondaire is a gluten-free blend of almond, vanilla and chocolate, perfect on its own or in cocktails.
  3. Besos de Oro is a dairy-free ‘accidental masterpiece’ that blends horchata from Valencia with fine Spanish brandy. In original or chocolate flavours.
  4. Amarula Vegan is a plant-based indulgence for vegans or people with lactose-intolerance. It features gentle notes of caramel, vanilla and creamy coconut, finished with complex notes of marula fruit.

make your own vegan Baileys

vegan Baileys cheesecake

This recipe for vegan Baileys (Addicted to Dates) is easy to make (a blend of plant milks and creams with whisky and coffee). You can serve over ice or ice-cream, or even use it to make this delicious vegan Baileys cheesecake.

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