sooo original plant based cream liqueur

Dirty Cow Cream Liqueur is the new Baileys! A few years ago, Baileys launched an almond-milk version but it had beeswax (not for vegans) so they went back to the drawing board and launched Baileys Almande, to great acclaim. Then just as suddenly, they pulled it off the shelves. But don’t fear! Because this new plant-based version is indie-owned and making waves across the world. Keep away from children and pets, due to alcohol (and chocolate).

Free from 14 major allergens, it features notes of French vanilla and butterscoth, and is lovely chilled or poured over ice. There is also a chocolate-loaded version, plus mini bottles, if preferred. Try a couple of their cocktail recipes: Strawberry Hardshake just adds it to plant milk and ice-cream with fresh strawberries. And the frappe just mixes with ice and caramel sauce.

Panther Milk is the world’s first oat-milk liqueur brand, in vanilla and strawberry and mint flavours. Featuring oat milk with hints of spice and molasses, along with overproof spiced and white rum, gin, brandy and condensed oat milk.

Almondaire is a gluten-free blend of almond, vanilla and chocolate, perfect as an alternative on its own or blended into cocktails.

Besos de Oro is a dairy-free ‘accidental masterpiece’ that blends horchata from Valencia with fine Spanish brandy. In original or chocolate flavours.

Licor 43 Horchata Cream liqueur is a delicate fusion of horchata (a Spanish drink) with flavours of tiger nuts, spice and citrus.

Amarula Vegan is a plant-based indulgence for vegans or people with lactose-intolerance. It features gentle notes of caramel, vanilla and creamy coconut, finished with complex notes of marula fruit.

Misunderstood Oat Nog (USA) is a light and smooth concoction, blended to perfection with oat milk and ginger-spiced whisky. With notes of creme brulee, vanillaand nutmeg, and a taste of bourbon and ginger snap cookies.

make your own vegan Baileys

This recipe for vegan Baileys (Addicted to Dates) is easy to make. You can serve over ice or ice-cream, or even use it to make this delicious vegan Baileys cheesecake.

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