jammy vegan biscuits

Who’s first to the biscuit jar? Most biscuits on sale are sold in plastic packaging and those that are vegan often have palm oil. These Jammy Biscuits (The Veg Space) don’t have to be star-shaped but good as a Christmas dessert or as alternatives to mince pies. The shortbread is ideal to serve alongside vegan-cream for an alternative Christmas dessert.

If used, choose vegan butters with no palm oil. Keep ‘human biscuits’ away from pets due to nuts, dried fruits, citrus, chocolate, nutmeg etc. Read more on food safety for people & pets.

vegan vanilla choc-chip cookies

vegan cookies

Try these vegan vanilla choc chip cookies (Full of Plants). These are made with fairly wholesome ingredients, no plastic packaging and no palm oil. What more could you want? All of Thomas’ recipes for cookies are sublime. We especially like his orange choc chip shortbread cookies.

vegan cookies

For classics, try recipes for vegan digestive biscuits and chocolate vegan hob-nobs!

vegan ginger-molasses chocolate cookies

ginger molasses cookie

These ginger-molasses cookies (Short Girl, Tall Order) are warm and gooey, and an ideal winter treat, flavoured with molasses (iron!) and chocolate. The recipe makes one big or two small cookies, cooked in mini skillets. The recipe uses light molasses (blackstrap is too bitter) so sub with golden syrup and for a local alternative to cranberries, try cherries, apricots or blueberries.

The recipe uses vegan butter (we like Naturli as it’s free from palm oil) and brown sugar, to produce warm gooey cookies that are great fresh (cooled) from the pan. They are bound with a ‘flax egg’ (whisking up ground linseeds with water).  Flavoured with real vanilla, ginger spice and cinnamon, serve with vegan vanilla ice-cream.

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