badger Julia Crossland

Julia Crossland

Badgers are England’s largest carnivores (though strictly they are omnivores as they do eat other plant foods too). Their black-and-white stripes makes them one of the most familiar mammals, but they have alas suffered greatly in recent years due to bad science and biased politics, meaning thousands have been culled, due to the false belief they are responsible for cattle TB (an awful disease that causes cows to suffer, along with farmers). However the truth is more complicated.

pastures new Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

All experts say cattle-to-cattle transmission and modern farming methods are the main cause, and solving these (along with badger vaccination that is kinder, quicker and cheaper) is key. Homeopathy at Wellie Level is run by qualified homeopaths, and offers courses to help prevent many diseases in cattle and other barnyard friends.

badger in the woods MHeath


Badgers are England’s largest carnivores (though strictly they are omnivores as they do eat other plant foods too). There’s a separate post on how to prevent TB in badgers (and cattle) as it’s a complicated (mostly political) situation. The other main harm to badgers is traffic, with a fifth of all badgers dying on our roads each year, so drive safely (or join a car-club or go car-free) and gift your town planner a copy of a book on road ecology, to make roads safer for wildlife.

Don’t encourage badgers to your garden with food. It takes them away from native areas and encourages them to come into contact with people who don’t like them and dogs. And means they come to rely on you, dangerous if you got ill, moved away or died. If you find an injured badger, contact your local wildlife rescue for help. 

organic tees & totes to help badgers

orange badger t-shirt

Teemill is a wonderful company (created by Isle of Wight fashion company Rapanui) that allows non-profits to raise funds by printing organic cotton clothing (made with green energy) then sent direct in zero waste packaging. It’s kind of like drop-shipping but for small charities. Here is clothing you can buy, with profits helping small badger welfare charities like this orange badger t-shirt.

This tote bag helps show your love for badgers, while replacing plastic bags. Made from organic cotton, it’s ideal for your grocery shop or just walking around town. Proceeds help to support the conservation and protection of all native wildlife.

meet England’s other mustelids

cute badger Lucy Pickett

Lucy Pickett

Badgers belong to a fur-bearing carnivore mammal group called mustelids. The others resident in England include weasels, stoats, otters, pine martens and mink (not-native, they were first wild due to escaping from being trapped for the fur industry). Although they do indeed eat endangered water voles, the main ways to help is to follow the countryside code (to avoid disturbance) and conserve water (this helps to keep their natural habitats wet). For advice for farmers, read more on how to help save endangered water voles.

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