the polar bear

Polar bears are now critically endangered, due to climate change melting the ice. Help polar bears by doing all the big stuff (drive less and use your vote for MPs that focus on walkable communities and green energy, not ones in-hoc to companies that promote fossil fuels, due to vested interests and a lack of vision for the future.

family of polar bears Lucy Pickett

Lucy Pickett

Polar bears are at genuine risk of extinction very soon, so they need all the help we can give them. Also it helps to eat less meat and fly less, as these are the other two main ways to help prevent climate change.

Please don’t visit zoos, as they are more for entertainment than conservation, which is done in natural environments by wildlife ecologists. In the wild, polar bears have around one million times more space (and it’s far too warm in temperature for them here).

a tale of four bears

Where Can We Go? tells the story of how climate change has impacted one bear family, as together they search for a forever home. The charming whimsical illustrations make for a lovely story but at the same tiem educate on climate change and migration. As Papa Bear announces the move as there are no more seals to catch and too few fish in their Arctic home, they set off next morning, in search of promising places. Art by Igor Oleynikov (one of the world’s greatest illustrators and winner of the Hans Christian Anderson award).

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