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Christina Carpenter

Surfers tend to be a pretty eco-friendly lot, so most are fully aware of trying to find  sustainable alternatives to petrochemical surf wax and boards that leach microplastics into the sea.

Download the Surfers against Sewage app to report sickness or pollution, to help them take action against water companies that don’t clean up their mess.

Wooden surfboards and paddleboards just biodegrade any materials that wear off. Use with a eco  vegan surf wax.

Finisterre wetsuits (also for women and rental) are made from wetsuits. This is the best we have so far, and there are eco touches that they have added. These are made with natural rubber that produces 80% less Co2 than traditional neoprene.

organic cotton surf clothing

Surf Kernow tee

Surf Kernow is a wonderful little company, making 100% organic cotton clothing for surfers, or anyone who enjoys the beach life. The problem with most ‘surf eco clothing’ is that it’s made from recycled plastic. This material is wonderful to use in items like bags, wallets and skateboards, but when used for clothing that is laundered, unless you have a microplastic catcher (and most people don’t), the plastic fibres just go straight out to the sea again, polluting the ocean.

Unlike the big clothing brands that get on the eco surf bandwagon, this company is authentic. Everything is designed in Cornwall and made ethically with green energy in India, rather than mass-produced designed made by workers paid poverty wages without proper standards or rights. The founder of this company is an environmentalist and social justice campaigner, with everything Fair Wear certified (better than Fair Trade) and guaranteed organic.

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