fill cleaning vinegar

The best way to freshen the air is to give everything a good deep eco-clean, open the windows ajar (if safe to do so) and then keep the air fresh, simply through using common sense (removing unwanted clutter and furniture, steam-cleaning carpets and not bringing anything smelly into the house! But if you need extra help, there is no need to use toxic products in your home or car. There are far safer and better ideas. Conventional brands of air freshener contain toxic chemicals and can cause allergies to people and pets. Many also are in aerosol cans, which cause volatile organic compounds, which can harm our health.

Never spray perfumes or essential oils near pets or children (air rooms after use). Avoid essential oils for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditons. Indoor plants don’t clean the air (an outdated NASA myth). Make gardens safe for pets (includes indoor plants like sago palm, lilies and cheese plants which can harm just by brushing a tail). Avoid facing indoor foliage to gardens, to help stop birds flying into windows.

fill bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of soda is a good natural deodoriser, just sprinkle onto carpets and then vacuum up 15 minutes later, or leave an open jar in the fridge. It’s also good sprinkled in the bottom of containers or bins, and can be used to clean cloth nappies and unblock plugholes.

White cleaning vinegar (not edible) is a mild acetic acid, so can remove alkaline odours (sweat, fish, pet smells) and can also remove musty smells. Just add 1 part white vinegar to 1 part vinegar to a mist spray bottle, the vinegar smell will disappear after 10 or 15 minutes. You can also soak a cloth to wipe down hard surfaces or add 1 teaspoon to 2 cups of water in a mist bottle, and use it to freshen fabrics.

Unscented volcanic potpourri is porous to soak up chosen essential oils, then slowly releases the aroma into your room (not near pets, babies or pregnancy/nursing). Long-lasting and reusable, it’s sold in a lovely matt black vessel with optional red agate stone lid.

Keep cars clean with hot water and biodegradable unscented cleanerAvoid essential oils in cars with babies or pets, or if pregnant/nursing. To remove odours, use a charcoal purifying bag. Or use MOSO scent-free car freshener sprayIf you smoke, stop outside the car and use a personal ashtray to extinguish the butt, for safe disposal later on.

home detox

Home Detox is a highly reviewed book by a qualified toxicologist, to take you through your home to learn how to remove potential toxins. The author (who specialises in oncology to prevent cancer) looks at everything from mattresses and pillows to cleaning and beauty products, furniture and clothing.

From food storage to hidden toxins, she offers safe affordable alternatives for each room, in this practical and easy-to-read guide. Get rid of the ‘Toxic Ten’ in your home that may lead to headaches, asthma, high cholestrol, skin and sleep problems, replacing them with effective homemade solutions like baking soda, vinegar and (if safe to use) essential oils.

3 cities with the worst air pollution

Yep, London is indeed one of them, even though the city is home to 8 million or so trees. The other 2 cities with the world’s worst air pollution (2023) are Beijing and Los Angeles. The latter is famed (not in a good way) for its ‘smog’, very common in summer with higher temperatures. ‘London smog’ is also in LA, but appears in colder months and more from burning coal. But the LA smog is ostly from car fumes and emissions from industry.

You’d think everyone in California was living green, vegan and zero-waste. Sounds good, but the truth is not really. It’s a city packed with smog and car traffic jams, and the Hollywood film industry also promotes levels of excessive consumption (just see those ‘real housewife’ programs or the ridiculously extravagant ways that some Hollywood celebrities live, with multi-million dollar homes that could probably house 100 people or more. This is a city of limousines, with most top-listers not using the many bike paths and electric vehicles installed.

The huge emissions is causing havoc with the health of the (mostly poorer) population that live in LA city. This is also causing more wildfires in susceptible areas, and some people are dying of heatwaves.  The council is trying, but it’s a bit like putting a sticking plaster on a volcano, and more needs to be done to encourage people to get out of their cars, they won’t if alternatives are not given (on the east coast,  Miama offers free public transport for everyone on-demand). On the plus-side, the ‘city of Angels’ does have the world’s only solar-powered Ferris Wheel!

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