artichoke and tomato salad

Rather than always buy ready-made bagged salad in supermarkets, have a go at making your own.  You can then make up your own salad and homemade dressing, far tastier and cheaper! This artichoke tomato salad (Short Girl, Tall Order) is very tasty and filling, with Italian flavours. It uses canned artichokes, so super-simple.

Check medication as some say you can’t eat too many leafy greens (vitamin K). Read up on food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends).

homemade vegan potato salad

vegan potato salad

Forget Heinz tins of potato salad (apparently not made anymore anyway). Vegan Potato Salad (Full of Plants) uses a French vinaigrette over mayo.  Made with baby potatoes and garlic, a fab lunch.

Don’t feed leftover potatoes to pets, birds or wildfowl as it usually has salt, chives or butter (can smear on feathers, affecting waterproofing/insulation). If giving pets an occasional treat, just feed plain mash potato

Do you know your spuds? Maris Piper can be used for anything (chips, baked, boiled, mashed or roast). Russett are also good for chips, as are King Edwards (also good for roasting and baking). Waxy red-skinned Desiree potatoes make good mash, and Jersey Royals are good boiled with herbs and palm-oil-free vegan butter.

homemade fruity salad dressings

fruity salad dressings

The Veg Space has a great recipe to make simple salad dressings, just vary to whatever taste you prefer. Or keep things simple with the original raspberry vinaigrette.

vegan BLT pasta salad

BLT pasta salad (Notably Vegan) combines pasta with grilled ‘vegan bacon’ and shredded carrots, along with crispy lettuce, baby heirloom tomatoes and shallots. Served with a homemade (or ready-made) dressing that is kept away from the sauce, just before serving. Leftovers keep covered in the fridge for a few days.


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