easy vegan berry cobbler

Raspberries are one of England’s favourite fruits, but they do go off quickly, so use them up soon after purchasing (or visiting the PYO farm) or freeze to use later on. To do this, wash and dry the berries, then freeze in a single layer on a baking tray, then transfer to a silicone freezer bag.

Easy Vegan Berry Cobbler (The First Mess) is an American dessert (like fruit crumble but less crumbly!) The vanilla-sweetened berries are topped with a buttery oat/spelt biscuit topping, then served with vegan vanilla ice-cream.

People with sensitivity to pollen may wish to avoid raspberries (and people whose seeds get stuck in their teeth!) Keep recipes away from pets, as many ‘human foods’ in recipes  (including fresh dough) are unsafe. Read more on keeping people & pets safe in the kitchen

a simple raspberry smoothie recipe 

raspberry smoothie

This raspberry smoothie (Chef Ani) uses full-fat coconut milk, that makes it kind of taste like an ice-cream shake. You can use frozen (best) or fresh berries, or switch with other leftover berries like strawberries or blueberries.

vegan vanilla sponge cake (with raspberry jam)

vegan vanilla sponge with raspberry jam

Vegan vanilla sponge cake with raspberry jam (Rainbow Plant Life) is far easier to make than it looks! It uses a gluten-free all-purpose free flour and a blend of oil and vegan butter, along with aquafaba (a ‘vegan meringue’ made from leftover brine water from canned chickpeas). Prepared using nontoxic parchment paper, the cake is then sandwiched together with tangy vegan buttercream and raspberries

Or try this heart-shaped cake (Rainbow Nourishments), again ideal for special days. The recipe itself is very simple (and you don’t need a heart-shaped mould, Anthea teaches you how to create one using a knife).

vegan chocolate mousse with raspberry compote

This vegan chocolate mousse (Rainbow Plant Life) is a super-simple recipe for a favourite dessert in England. But there’s no need to buy plastic pots of mousse made with animal ingredients or refined sugar, with this recipe. The recipe is made with melted dark chocolate and Dutch-process cocoa powder (less bitter than standard cocoa powder) and is sweetened with Medjool dates. The secret ingredient here is silken tofu  (the soft kind that looks like custard) which replaces egg or cream. Tofu has no taste, it simply absorbs flavours. The homemade raspberry compote only needs 4 ingredients (and you can swap for strawberry or blackberry flavours if preferred). Use leftover compote on breakfast yoghurt or pancakes.

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