la vie bacon

Bacon is one of the world’s most popular foods, especially for an English breakfast or BLT. There are now really good plant-based bacons, pig-friendly and no cholesterol! Recycle packaging at kerbside or supermarket bag bins.

This is not about ‘not supporting British farmers’ as a lot of bacon sold in England is from factory farms (Red Tractor logo just means it’s British, not recognised on welfare grounds by Compassion in World Farming). If you eat real bacon, then choose free-range organic.

Keep faux meats away from pets as they smell/taste/look like meat, but contain unsafe ingredients like onion, mushrooms etc. Read more on food safety for people & pets.

La Vie vegan burger king

La Vie is a French brand of vegan bacon (yes, you read that right). It’s so realistic (in both normal and smoked version) that French meat producers have been trying to ban it!

This brand is now being farmed out everywhere (it’s used in Sainsbury’s VLT sandwiches and also sold at fast food joints including Burger King). The company has also just released vegan ham!

La Vie vegan ham

other good brands of vegan bacon

Sgaia foods vegan bacon

  1. Sgaia Foods offers a lovely vegan bacon based on seitan (‘wheat-meat’). Created by two Italian foodies who live in Glasgow, you can even buy ‘wheat meat boxes’ to your door. These bacons are easy to cook, and ideal in a BLT or for a full English fry-up.
  2. Richmond is an Irish company that now offers vegan streaky rashers in all supermarkets. These are really nice, just pan-fry in oil for a few minutes, and serve in a BLT (be careful to buy the right version, as there are also meat versions in similar packaging).
  3. THIS (isn’t bacon) is a quality brand, offering soy/pea protein rashers that are very high in protein, coloured with beetroot!
  4. Meatless Farm offers vegan bacon lardons for food service. Cook from frozen (there are special instructions for pizza). Made with pea protein and tastes just like the real thing.
  5. Vivera Bacon Pieces are ideal to sprinkle on a vegan carbonara. Just heat up in a pan for a few minutes. Alternatively, Herby Hog offers bacon seasoning for salads, dips, fries or pasta.

make your own (vegan) bacon

tempeh bacon

There are many recipes around, you basically add things like liquid smoke and maple syrup to aubergines, mushrooms or coconut. This recipe for tempeh bacon (Minimalist Baker) is one of the easiest and most-like-for-like. But in reality, most people will buy it.

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