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Nikky Corker

The old adage is that when someone retires, the husband would be henpecked to death at home (remember Richard begging his boss to let him stay, rather than go spend all day with Hyacinth in Keeping Up Appearances?) Or there’s the common story of a man who has a cardiac arrest while mowing the lawn, because he’s not used to slowing down. In fact, retirement can be a good thing! If you’re 60 or 65, you could have another 30 or 40 years ahead of you! Slow down, take nature walks, make new friends, become a volunteer dog walker, read books, listen to music and learn to cook! And be sure to sort out your pension and other finances, for a happier retirement.

retirement rebel

Retirement Rebel is the story of Siobhan Daniels, who made the decision to step off the merry-go-round of life and enjoy her own slow journey, and live on her own terms. She sold up, packed up and hit the road with no real plan on a positive-ageing adventure, knowing that retirement could be the start of life, rather than the end of it. With no shortgage of mishaps along the way (she began just before being ordered to stay at home during the pandemic lockdown), her story can inspire us all to make simple lifestyle changes.

The Joy Document is an interesting and unique book. When the author’s grandmother was in her late 80s, she asked what her favourite age had been. Her grandmother answered ’55’. So in her 55th year, Jennifer began to take note. She jotted down impressions of simple everyday things that struck her as beautiful, and kept a list of things that mattered to her, in the aim of reclaiming joy in what some people think is a later stage of life. Once you reach this age, you may the better life and home and career, so it’s time to focus on other things that matter: an enjoyable walk, a fruit cake recipe, an evening picnic or doing cartwheels. Life after 50 can then become a new beginning, rather than ‘middle-age’.

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