instant pot vegan soul food cookbook

Instant Pots are more popular in the USA, but you can buy them in England too, in all good kitchen shops. For around £80 new, you get a gadget that can cook food up to 70% faster than other methods and combines a slow cooker, rice cooker, soup-maker, steamer, pressure cooker and yoghurt maker in one easy-to-use machine that’s also economical and easy to clean. Most also have a ‘keep warm’ function and you can buy mini-versions for smaller households. If you don’t live near a good indie kitchen shop, you’ll find them in Argos or Lakeland. Here are some good books of recipes to use them with.

Always buy new kitchen appliances (for safety) and keep trailing wires away from little hands and paws. Before cooking, read up on food safety for people & pets (many foods are unsafe near animal friends). 

Instant Pot Vegan Soul Food Cookbook offers up 85 Deep South favourites with budget-friendly ingredients. Learn to make:

  • Porkless rinds
  • Cheeze grits
  • Cajun Chick’n Salad
  • Shrimp-less gumbo stew
  • Maple butter
  • Coconut bacon
  • Buttermilk biscuits
  • Chick’n cutlets

The author is a corporate attorney turned vegan chef, who is passionate about helping disenfranchised communities make better food choices, to improve their physical and mental health.

other good vegan Instant Pot cookbooks

instant pot vegan Indian cookbook

Instant Pot Vegan Indian Cookbook offers lots of simple recipes for the spiciest and tastiest cuisine. Learn to make:

  • Perfect basmati rice
  • ‘Meat and potato curry’
  • Peas Pulao
  • Vegetable biriyani
  • Chana dal masala
  • South Indian lentil stew
  • Vegetable dal
  • Mango tapioca pudding
  • Semolina halva
  • Indian-style fudge
  • Date squares

The Vegan Instant Pot is a lovely book by the popular blogger Nisha Vora, who swapped her law casebook for writing cookbooks! This debut book offers 90 nourishing recipes including:

  1. Homemade coconut yoghurt
  2. Breakfast enchilada casserole
  3. Miso mushroom risotto
  4. Vegetable lasagne with basil ricotta
  5. Red curry rice noodle soup
  6. Red wine-poached pears
  7. Double fudge chocolate cake

Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook is by a highly-acclaimed vegan chef. With super reviews, this book offers food from India and beyond, updating traditional techniques to make things simple and healthy. Recipes include:

  • Crunchwraps (layered pot-in-pot)
  • Spicy peanut noodles in minutes
  • Wild rice soup
  • Chana masala (no sauteing)
  • Mushroom gyros
  • ‘Egg’ sandwiches

The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook For Your Instant Pot is a lovely book by one of the world’s most reputable vegan cookbook authors. Learn to make:

  • Herbed French lentils with beets & pink rice
  • Creamy mushroom curry with brown basmati
  • Southern-style pinto beans
  • Whole-grain cornbread
  • Smoky pecan Brussels-sprouts
  • Tres-Leches-inspired dessert tamales

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