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Will Thompson

One of the most powerful ways to make a change is to switch to a greener bank account. These are few and far between. You could also support locally-run building societies and local credit unions.

It’s easy to switch to:

Triodos Bank is Europe’s biggest green bank with a Bristol branch. It invests in organic farming and clean energy, and offers a range of current and savings accounts, including ISAs.

Reliance Bank Ltd offers personal and business accounts, it’s owned by the Salvation Army, so profits help homeless people.

Engage is a simple ethical bank account with no credit checks, and a VISA card and ‘engage envelopes’ to keep checks on your bills.

If you can use apps, the new online bank accounts have better ethics: Starling and Monzo.

Cumberland Building Society has good reviews, and it’s possible to open an online account if you don’t live in the northwest. It offers a good range of current and savings accounts, and supports wildlife charities and hospices.

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