bazoo tree-free bathroom tissue

Almost 10 million trees are cut down each year, to make conventional toilet paper, with the paper tending to come from virgin trees in Boreal forests in the northern hemisphere (home to creatures like bears, elk, wolves and moose). In addition, many brands are bleached with chlorine to make them white (this chemical poisons everything in its path) and some brands add chemicals to make coloured tissues. Thick luxury tissue often clogs up pipes (causing plumbing issues and garden floods). And most brands  are sold in plastic packaging.

Bazoo bamboo bathroom tissue (enter code at checkout for £10 off) is a brand set up by friends who left jobs in legal admin and constructing marquees, to offer luxury 3-ply bamboo tissue in recycled paper packaging (which profiles animals threatened by deforestation) or unwrapped option. The ‘naked box’ includes one wrapped roll to show off to bathroom visitors! And the team protects 100m2 of endangered rainforest habitat for each purchase, which helps to protect wildlife and reverse climate change.

which forest-friendly bathroom tissue to choose?

For the most part, there are two choices (a few other brands offer alternatives like sugarcane). The most affordable option is always going to be recycled paper. You want to avoid 1-ply (thin and scratch). 2-ply is fine for everyday use, or go for 3-ply for more comfort. This can also be locally-made, often from de-inked recycled newspapers, magazines and cardboard. Some supermarkets now sell recycled paper toilet rolsl in paper packaging, so do look out for them (Tesco and Sainsbury’s are two brands on board). But you’ll likely find better quality from specalist brands (and you get big savings on regular subscriptions). Plus you’re supporting specialist smaller eco brands.

For more ‘luxury on your tush’, go for bamboo. Bamboo stalks are as strong as steel, so make good soft yet strong bathroom tissue. It’s not perfect as we don’t grow bamboo locally, but it does prevent logging that is decimating old-growth forests (home to endangered creatures).

a fun & funky eco-friendly bathroom tissue!

who gives a crap recycled paper toilet rolls

Who Gives a Crap? (the company’s Aussie, hence the cheeky name) offers affordable rolls of thick 3-ply sheets. Each roll has 400 sheets, delivered in boxes of 24 or 48 rolls, in beautiful paper packaging 50% of profits go to build clean sanitation in developing countries.

The company also makes extra-cushy 3-ply bamboo bathroom tissue in colourful paper packs. The company donates 50% of profits to provide clean sanitation in developing countries.

affordable recycled paper bathroom tissue 

naked sprout toilet paper

Naked Sprout (coupon code englandnaturally for 10% discount) makes affordable recycled paper toilet roll, using green energy from local waste. In plastic-free packaging, it costs the same as leading brands and has fabulous reviews. Unbleached, the double-length 2-ply rolls are made with green energy, and available on subscription. The company also makes luxurious bamboo toilet roll, using green energy. It costs the same as leading brands and has fabulous reviews.

bathroom tissue (made from cereal boxes!)

Serious Tissues is England’s first carbon-neutral toilet roll, made in the Midlands from 100% recycled newspapers and cereal boxes, free from dyes and scents and sold in plastic-free packaging. Each roll contains 250 rolls of thick 2-ply paper (better value than supermarket brands that offer 150 to 200 sheets) and is naturally off-white, using a non-chlorine bleaching agent to remove inks.

The company can also supply wholesale to shops, offices, pubs, restaurants, hotels, tourism establishments etc. A tree is planted for each box sold (so far a million trees planted in the UK, Nepal, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Haiti, Colombia and South America (which also creates jobs).

an inventive sustainable wet wipe alternative

bazoo wet wipe alternative

Disposable wet wipes are the reason for most blocked toilets, and the third most common source of beach litter. ‘Flushable’ wet wipes are responsible for around 90% of all sewer blockages in England. But with a market worth over £20 billion worldwide, lobbyists push governments to avoid bans. Yet plumbers say you should not put anything down toilets bar pee, poo and toilet paper).

Suitable for sensitive skin, Bazoo biodegradable toilet paper gel (redeem code at checkout for £10 off) creates instant wet wipes, by squirting a pump on a few sheets of forest-friendly bathroom tissue.

This unisex gel biodegrades and naturally dissolves in water as you flush it, so you can rest assured there will be no nasty chemicals in our waterways or blockages for which you’ll have to call the plumber. And the team protects 100m2 of endangered rainforest habitat for each purchase, which helps to protect wildlife and reverse climate change.

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