Clevedon pier Tracey Bowes

Tracey Bowes

Many seaside piers have been destroyed in storms or by arson. A few like Brighton pier are architectural masterpieces, and we also have Southend, the longest pier in the world. Designed originally to let ships dock when they could not get to land, they became popular as holiday walking destinations in Victorian times, though today most are full of noisy amusement arcades and tat shops.

Unfortunately, many litter-pickers find all kinds of rubbish underneath piers, just like everywhere else. It’s a shame that the piers remaining tend to be a haven for junk shops rather than keep them for their original purpose which was to enjoy a bracing walk to take in the sea air, just like in yesteryear.

Many local charities help to look after piers. It’s worth a small donation, if lots of people did this, the piers would be looked after and retained, without having to give licenses to noisy arcades and put them at risk of vandalism and further arson.

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