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Most spirit drinks are vegan by default, though it’s best to check as a few vodkas etc may use bone char or fish bladder to filter. These brands also go a little bit further by using local artisans methods, and helping others. Avoid alcohol for pregnancy/nursing (also tonic water, due to quinine).

Tipsy Wight (Isle of Wight) is a unique company that makes sustainable vodkas in glass bottles and cardboard packaging. But the ingredients are made from foraged ingredients. Capturing the unique charm of an English summer, all are vegan apart from honey infusions. The range includes:

  1. Cherry
  2. Crabapple
  3. Elderflower
  4. Quince
  5. Sloe
  6. Spiced pear
  7. Wild mint & cucumber
  8. Blackcurrant
  9. Damson
  10. Chilli
  11. Hedgerow
  12. Lavender
  13. Wild garlic
  14. Wild plum
  15. Rhubarb vanilla

other good brands of sustainable vodka

The Spirit of One is a brand of classic gins and vodka, with profits helping to fund clean water projects across the world.Believing all business should be used as a force for good, these premium spirits are designed to help make the world a better place. The founder decided to start the business, after being caught in Hurricane Mitch in Honduras experienced first-hand what life was like, without safe drinking water.

So he re-mortgaged his flat, quit his job and focused in launching an ethical water brand, and give the profits away to make clean water for the world’s poorest communities. One Water is also sold in stores (in aluminium bottles) in still and sparkling varieties (never give sparkling water to pets, it could cause bloat). 

The range includes:

  1. Classic One Gin features fresh sage, juniper and citrus.
  2. One Vodka features fresh sage, zesty citrus and subtle vanilla
  3. Apple gin uses the oil from the pip of russet apples
  4. One Port Barrel Rested Gin is rested in reclaimed port barrels, for a ruby gin bursting with spice, warm vanilla and toasted oak.

Fatty’s Grapefruit Spirit Drink is made with alcohol grain, juniper, pink grapefruit, black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, orris root, angelica root and citrus.  The bottles are then sealed with cork (a natural material, and no trees are cut down to make it) and sealed by hand with wax, all better for the planet. You can drop off used corks at off licenses (they are too compact to compost). Don’t leave them around the house, they are choking hazards (just bin to naturally break down). If you’re not driving and want full-strength. For winter, try their spiced orange gin.

organic canned vodka sodas

Goldling Drinks are Europe’s first organic canned vodka sodas, made locally and working with British farmers to restore soil health. Less sweet than hard seltzrs, they combine organic vodka with naturall fruits, spices and botanicals sourced directly from producers, without added sugar (so low-carb with just 100 calories per can). The drinks are sold in 2 flavours:

  • Sundown (sparkling soda with freshly-pressed Persian limes, vibrant pineapples and citrusy kaffir lime leaf).
  • Moonlight (mineralised soda with juicy British strawberries, sharp pomegrante and warming cayenne & black pepper).

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