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Where you buy your insurance (like where you shop) makes a huge difference to the ethics of modern consumerism. The insurance industry is huge. We do need some insurance legally (buildings insurance is needed, but often covered for flat owners and rental tenants). But man other types are not needed. And you don’t need to buy ‘extra cover’ for items from Argos. It would be far more helpful to sell items that we could repair ourselves. If you can’t repair it, you don’t own it.

Naturesave offers a good range of most other insurance including for business, with profits helping their own Naturesave Trust.

Evergreen Insurance is an ethical provider that donates to eco and animal charities of your choice. It offers Zixty car insurance (below) and other policies.

more ethical car insurance

Environmental Transport Association offers a good range of policies, which also cover bicycle insurance and breakdown. Zixty offers short-term carbon-offset car insurance. Read how to be a (slightly) greener driver.

simpler ethical pet insurance

Waggel offers a simpler pet insurance (if pets don’t qualify due to age, breed or previous conditions, save money in a rainy day fund instead). Note some pet insurance companies also allow claims on pet detectives, for lost pets. In the US, Healthy Paws has good reviews and simple policies, and uses profits to help animal shelters. Also read where to find free & low-cost vet care.

insurance for churches & non-profits

Ecclesastical Insurance offers non-profit insurance for churches and charities. Running for over 130 years, it donates over 30% of profits to good causes (over £200 million donates in the last 10 years).

personal health insurance policies

The big companies usually do all they can to avoid paying, though they can work out okay for some events. If you do pay for private health insurance, consider the smaller and more ethical companies. The Hospital Saturday Fund is a registered charity that started out to help people, before the NHS. You obviously have to pay premiums for a while before receiving benefits. But you can then get a bit of money back on dental, optician and holistic services, plus hospital stays.

a pick’n’mix insurance company

Arma Karma is a monthly insurance premium to cover many things at once including accidental damage, vehicle protection, theft and loss. Just select up to 5 items out of 14 categories from phones to glasses to guitars, sort of like a pick-n-mix insurance, then get discounts on other items that you add.

Your personal details do not determine price, you just give the legal details (name, address, date of birth) to sign up. And 25% of your premiums goes to one of their nominated charities (help rainforests, street children, youth mental health or homeless people). Cover starts from less than a fiver, sign up in 2 minutes.

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