reclaimed pier wood furniture

Buying recycled furniture is a good idea if you can find it, as it helps to preserve our forests. It’s not always possible, so look for the FSC trademark, to ensure wood does not come from endangered forests. But if you can find a good sale bargain, here are a few nice ideas.

Harbor Designs is a unique company that takes reclaimed local wood from Hastings Pier, then makes it into affordable custom items for your home or garden. The pier is just one of many that has been damaged by fire, so this enterprise has salvaged reusable timber to build their own dining tables and benches.

Also available from another company are reclaimed wood frames, also from Hastings pier planks. An ideal way to use up a bit of history, from one of our wonderful seaside piers. And support local upcycling artisans at the same time.

Enter your postcode at Reuse network, to direct you to local social enterprises that offer donated safe furniture like sofas and dining room furniture. You usually have to be on benefits, though sometimes you can buy without them, you just pay a little more to support the cause.

Another idea is to find your local community wood recycling network. These are places that turn donated wood into handmade pieces, to save trees and offer bespoke items at a more affordable price. Again the money you pay goes back into the social enterprise.

a book to upcycle tired furniture

better than new upcycling furniture

Better Than New has lots of tips to give tired old furniture a least of life, cheaper than buying new. Engage your creative spirit and learn the tricks by upcycling expert Chloe Kempster. Spruce up heirlooms or thrift store finds with 15 projects from a hand-painted floral cupboard and wallpapered wardrobe to a textured chalk-painted bombe chest.

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