Betty Grable

film star Betty Grable’s legs were insured for $1 million!

Hosiery (tights and stockings) are not the most sustainable brand of clothing. But if you use them, there are better brands on the market. We can’t find 100% organic natural materials, but at least these are better. Just wash them in a microplastic catcher, to avoid synthetic fibres breaking off in the machine, and leaching out to sea (bin the fibres in a secure container, so they don’t wash away down drains at landfill, if it rains).

You can get together as a community (or office etc) and order a one-off TerraCycle Fabric & Clothing Box. Fill up with all your hard-to-recycle clothing like tights and stockings, and it gets shipped off (prepaid) to make into other things. You can also include textiles and fabrics. Ecooutfitters (which makes Teflon-free organic school uniforms) also offers black, white or grey knitted tights.

Two brands of more sustainable hosiery for adults are:

  1. Hedoine offers stockings and ladder-free tights. Sold in recycled paper packaging, you can send back old tights (any brand) for recycling.
  2. Swedish Stockings are made from recycled materials. Again, you can send back old tights for discounts on new ones.

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