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Chantal Kaufmann

Certified Vegan Business is a brand new certification mark. You likely know that many other organisations certify vegan products, but this one is different. It’s offered firstly on a global scale. But it’s also more stringent, as qualifying companies must be all-vegan (so profits are used for animals, rather than to buy other non-vegan goods). There is strict criteria to apply, but then you will have loyal customers, who wish to support genuine authentic vegan-friendly companies.

Any type of business can apply (cafes, beauty salons, businesses, influencers). And although there is a one-off cost and small retainer, you can be assured that your funds are being used to promote the cause, as the scheme is run by Vegan Business Tribe, a wonderful organisation that offers help for fledgling and transitioning vegan businesses, including a business membership club and marketing book. There are no annual renewal fees.

This is our activism. 200 million land animals are killed every day, needlessly. When you have a vegan business, lives are literally at stake. Vegan Business Tribe

branding bundles for vegan businesses

LanaElanor vegan branding bundle

Lana Elanor offers nice hand-painted illustrations for vegan businesses and charities. You can mix and match this one-purchase of images (animals, food, recipes, logos, icons and even a vegan alphabet) to make menus, invites, logos or web/social media content.

LanaElanor vegan branding bundle

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