honea plant-based artisan

Plant Based Artisan is a company founded by a man who loved honey then went vegan. Not impressed with ‘fake honeys’ in shops, he decided to create his own (if you wonder why vegans don’t eat honey, it’s because often commercial bee-keeping smokes out bees to harvest it, and some die). Keep honeas away from children and pets.

These artisan ‘honeas’ are a bit pricey but they last a long time, are made with quality ingredients and are sold in sustainable packaging. The range includes:

  1. Original Honea has a fresh Mediterrean flavour, with crisp floral notes. Dark amber in colour, it’s good with plant-based yoghurt, vegan cheese or pizza.
  2. Orange Blossom Honea is inspired by Spanish orange groves, with a pine flavour. Good for drinks, toast or sweetening porridge.
  3. Thyme Honea is Greek-inspired with floral notes (as is Rose Honea).
  4. Elderflower Honea is quintessentially English, to encapsulate the taste of summer.  Or try Lavender Honea for another English classic.

Prefer soft-set? He’s got you covered with a thick smooth Soft Set Honea that pairs well with sourdough bread and vegan cheese.

Is there no end to this man’s talents? He’s also managed to come up with vegan lemon curd (made with Sicilian lemon juice) for serving with sourdough bread, cakes or crumps. And a tasty jar of salted vegan caramel (good with vegan ice-cream or on pancakes – made with cashew nuts).

how to make your own dandelion honey

dandelion honey

Dandelion Honey (Carlo Cao) was made years ago as a way for poor families to make an alternative. You need water, lemon and sugar (nothing else or substitutions). And of course dandelions (make sure they’re free from dog pee!)

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