Iceland Henry Rivers

Henry Rivers

Iceland is possibly the greenest country on earth. A peaceful place, it has no army, airforce or navy. It has also taken the tough decisions that the UK government won’t take. It supplies all households with green energy and hot water, and it’s no coincidence that the greenest country is also one of the happiest. It has hardly any air pollution or agriculture run-off. It’s true that being set on tectonic plates means it’s easier to get geothermal energy, but the country goes further than that. The country aims to be completely free of fossil fuels by 2050.

Another thing Iceland doesn’t do is buy into the same chain store mentality. Along with a few other countries, it has no McDonalds or Starbucks, and also no casinos, so there are no gambling issues. People instead sit around and chat, go for walks to view view Arctic foxes and Icelandic horses, or write (a tenth of the population has written a book!) Until the mid 1980s, TV was banned on Thursday (and the whole of July) as the government wished to encourage people to do something else!

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