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Caroline Smith

Cows are wonderful creatures who form strong social bonds and are peaceful lovely animals that most people adore. They spend a lot of their days eating, but also babysitting and playing hide-and-seek!

The Transfarmation Project can help with setting animal farmers up with free feed and advice to grow oats to make oat milk, a hugely profitable area for food and drinks right now. You can then save family farms, and let existing animals live out their lives in peace, aka to a farm sanctuary.

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always follow the Countryside Code

If you take countryside walks, follow the Countryside Code. This uses common sense to keep yourself and dogs safe near wildlife and livestock (and keep them safe from dogs). Follow local signs, and keep to marked paths. Leave gates & property as you find them and do not block access. Follow farmer advice if animals are being moved. Do not touch or feed horses or livestock. Call a farmer or RSPCA if you see creatures in distress. Do not touch farm machinery. Keep dogs under control and in sight, and pick up the poop. Put dogs on leads on Open Access land (a legal requirement between 1 March and 31 July). This is for your dog’s safety too, as cattle could charge if spooked, even without calves.

how to help our fabulous farm sanctuaries

Read of ways to help farm sanctuaries (this no-bone-china mug features happy residents!) One Devon farmer was driving sheep to the abattoir but it all got too much ‘‘I couldn’t cope anymore’. So he turned direction and drove them to their new home at Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries.

how to help cattle & their farmers

The Farming Community Network is an umbrella of charities that have helplines for struggling farmers. From providing free feed to livestock to offering help with finances and tenancy. Find info on preventive/treating mastitis and other conditions at Homeopathy at Wellie Level (courses are endorsed by vets). 

organic clothing to help cows

All these organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts are made with green energy and sent in plastic-free packaging, digitally made after orders by the wonderful company Teemill, which then lets charities earn money from sales. So next time you need something casual to wear, choose from these companies to show your love for cows, and help charities at the same time to protect their welfare. For any clothes made with part-polyester, wash in a microplastic catcher.

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