how we gather matters

Millions of corporate events are held across England, but many do damage to the planet and wildlife. Never release balloons or fire lanterns (they cause harm to marine wildlife and even cause fires and false coastguard alerts.

How We Gather Matters is an important book, because not many cover this huge industry that never gets advice for sustainability. ‘Event planning’ is a massive income for England and beyond, yet causes massive emissions too. An ideal read for anyone who runs corporate events.

Read up on food safety for people & pets. If animals are nearby, know unsafe flowers and mulches to avoid usingNever face indoor foliage to gardens, to help stop birds flying into windows

The modern events industry is in need of change. Learn how to find and serve sustainable ethical food and flowers, and collaborate effectively with others. From finding local producers and artisans to engaging participants to change their ways with love, you’ll also learn how to avoid waste and harmful items and lead a shift to zero emission celebrations.

Packed with stories and case studies from major festivals around the world, this is required reading for anyone in the events industry. Leor Rotchild is a pioneer in the sustainable events industry and founder of DIG (Do It Green) which supports major festivals and events. He is also Executive Director of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility.

sooo original plant based cream liqueur

The Goodness Project offers corporate hampers including vegan wines, beers and chocolates, in sustainable packaging.

where to buy seasonal organic flowers

the 50 mile bouquet

If using flowers for corporate events, avoid ones that arrive off long-haul flights covered in chemicals. They are frequently wrapped in plastic and have no scent (and don’t last long). Below are links to florists that sell local artisan seasonal flowers. This helps to retain heirloom varieties and encourages local farmers to grow organic flowers that help the planet and create local jobs.

Learn how to make your garden for pets (all bulbs are toxic, along with some other plants and mulches). Never face indoor foliage to gardens, to help stop birds flying into windows

  1. Organic Blooms (based near Bristol) sells locally grown organic flowers, in bouquets or buckets.
  2. Flowers From the Farm lists local indie floriests who grow artisan blooms – loved by bees and you!
  3. Common Farm Flowers (Somerset) sells local flowers for weddings, to create your floral arrangements (and offers workshops). For collection only, these flowers are locally grown and seasonal, so not available in winter.

If only using flowers once (like weddings), you can donate them to charities like Floral Angels that use volunteers to regift them to those who need cheering up.

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