vegan salmon recipe

Not just humans, but a lot of wildlife eat salmon – from kingfishers to river otters. Harbour seals also like salmon, and until recently, they were shot dead in Scotland to ‘protect fish stocks’. This is not just unkind but also traumatised visitors to the seashore (including children) who would find dead seals. On a more positive note, the UK government is presently considering banning the fishing of sandeels (the small silvery fish you see in puffin photos) realising that we have to protect the food of other creatures, not just our own.

This vegan salmon (Loving it Vegan) is made with marinated tofu that’s pan-fried and seared and served with ground black pepper, red pepper flakes, chopped coriander, lemon wedges and vegan tartare sauce.

Avoid seaweed for thyroid/iodine issues. Read food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends). Raw (or undercooked) salmon is also toxic to pets (contains bones and also a parasite that can be fatal).

If you do eat any fish, look for the blue eco label from Marine Stewardship Council which certifies where fish is from and how it’s caught. Their 2022 report found 76% of Iceland’s own-brand seafood was certified (that means 24% own-brand and other brands aren’t). If they came out top, what are others doing? Some people prefer to boycott Canadian seafood, until the baby seal cull ends.

vegan salmon bagel

This carrot & ‘cream cheese’ bagel (So Vegan) is a tasty snack. If marinated with other ingredients, ‘carrot salmon’ tastes just as good. The leftover ‘cream cheese’ keeps for a few days in the fridge, in an airtight container.

vegan smoked salmon

This vegan smoked salmon (Veggie Desserts) again is made from marinated carrots! You don’t need to eat real salmon for omega 3 fatty acids (which are destroyed when fish is cooked anyway, easy to get from other foods).

where to buy ‘vegan smoked salmon’

Vivera plant salmon

Vivera plant-based salmon fillets are sold in most stores. This Dutch brand has the texture spot-on. It’s high in protein and tastes similar, with good reviews and no weird ingredients. Just fry in a little oil, or heat in the oven. Recycle packaging at supermarket bag bins, if your kerbside does not collect. 

Zalmon is expensive, but a nice treat. Made with carrots, rapeseed oil and liquid smoke, it’s sold in a glass jar and ideal with vegan cheese and crackers.

Revo Foods (Austria) is a sustainable fresh young company creating plant-based smoked salmon and salmon spread. Packed with protein and omega-3s.

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