spring in the park Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

The Oregon city of Portland has way more parks than Sheffield (similar size and population). So it’s not like we can’t do the same here. Good public parks put green quiet space, lots of litter and recycling bins and solar lighting (that goes off at night to avoid light pollution.

Park planners can read up on toxic plants, flowers, trees and mulch to avoid. Keep dogs away from wildfowl near ponds (and put notices up so people don’t throw stale, mouldy or crusty bread – nor buttered bread, as it smears on feathers, affecting waterproofing/insulation).

London Parks spends a year walking around the author’s favourite parks. From his local haunt on Hampstead Heather to Richmond Park to Battersea Park (with the little brown dog statue, in memory of the first victim of vivisection). Whether you’re spotting pelicans and politicians in St James’ Park or enjoying views from Greenwich Park, there’s something here for every city dweller.

Park Life is a book by travel writer Tom Chesshyre who recalls 50 of his favourite urban parks around the world, and what we can learn from them. Whether in Colombia or Korea, America or Australia, urban parks are places to feel calm amid the chaos.

Why Public Space Matters is a book that suggests to not sell off land to business, but make public spaces sustainable greenways for the public to play, meet, talk, read, debate and work. Looking at public spaces from New York to Costa Rica, the author shows why they matterand how we can expand and protect them, both at grassroots and national level. Setha M Low is a professor of environmental psychology.

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