Pentire drinks

Technically you can’t call any drink alcohol-free (as fruit has a tiny percentage) but these drinks are as low as you can go, containing less alcohol than bread, bananas or orange juice! Avoid grapefruit for pregnancy/medical conditions (also avoid tonic water, due to quinine).

a botanical drink from the Cornish coast

Pentire drinks

Pentire is a lovely company, founded to create a flavourful drink that is inspired by the waves, cliffs and foraged hedgerows on the beautiful Cornish coast. Made by distilling sage and rock samphire, this is a natural healthy alternative to traditional gin, ideal served with ice and tonic water, garnished with lemon or rosemary.

The Cornish coast has a unique climate, soil and air moisture, meaning key botanicals thrive here. Everything is sustainably-sourced and uses Fair Trade organic ingredients, sold in sustainable packaging. The botanicals are even rich in vitamins. The company also donates to Blue Marine Foundation to help protect the world’s oceans. Everything is also made locally with seasonal ingredients, a wonderful way to support local agriculture, and keep jobs in communities.

Coastal Spritz has a unique flavour of blood orange, sea rosemary and oakwood. It’s made in a similar way to premium gin, simply by adding steps to enhance the PH and replicate a spirit’s textures. But rather than using fruity cordials, the flavour comes from distilling pure botanicals.

Everything in the range is vegan and gluten-free. Pentire Adrift and Seaward are sugar-free. Pentire Margarita and Coastal Spritz are sweetened with organic agave syrup (the tonics in ready-to-drink cans contain added sugar). Choose from:

  1. Adrift is coastal, herby and fresh
  2. Seaward is zesty and bright
  3. Coastal Spritz is naturally bitter
  4. Margarita is nice with Mexican food

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