whole roasted cauliflower

Cauliflowers are one of England’s favourite vegetables, but often gets wasted, as they can be quite big , so the florets and stalks often are thrown away. Related to broccoli, the stalks are also edible (they are nice sliced, then roasted in oil and sea salt). Try this recipe for whole-roasted vegan cauliflower cheese (Gaz Oakley), which only needs a few ingredients including leek, garlic, sage and mustard.

If used, choose vegan butters without palm oil. Keep recipes away from pets, due to unsafe ingredients like garlic, onion, spices and nutmeg. Read how to keep people & pets safe around food in the kitchen.

Originally believed to have first been cultivated in Cyprus, store cauliflowers loose in the fridge, as they need air to circulate. A good reason for buying them loose in farm shops, rather than wrapped in plastic bags in supermarkets (where they also tend to be very small). Recently ‘the weather’ caused customers to complain that some supermarket cauliflowers were ‘the size of an egg’.

Another supermarket rejected 1200 cauliflowers due to being ‘too ugly’ to sell. Yet most farm shops and greengrocers use better growing practices, and you’re often rewarded with huge mighty cauliflowers! If you don’t like the sulphur smell when cooking cauliflower, simply add a few celery seeds or a few drops of white cooking vinegar.

make your own cauliflower soup

broccoli cauliflower soup

This broccoli & cauliflower soup (The Veg Space) is a very simple recipe that uses up leftover broccoli too (high in calcium). All you need on top are onion, garlic, veggie stock, olive oil and vegan cream. You can freeze leftovers in silicone Souper Cubes, then just take a cube out when you have soup cravings, to heat on the stove.

homemade cauliflower mash recipes 

cauliflower mash

This cauliflower mash (The Veg Space) uses the microwave, but you can easily make it on the stovetop. Never microwave baby or pet food. It’s ready in 10 minutes, and flavoured with vegan butter and cheese, garlic and Dijon mustard . Use a stick blender to make it extra creamy, then serve with vegan sausages and gravy, or use to top a veggie shepherd’s pie. Also try this 5-ingredient cauliflower mash recipe (with vegan butter, garlic, salt and chopped chives).

This celery root & cauliflower puree (Full of Plants) is a great way to use up two leftover veggies at the same time. A lovely alternative to mashed potato, it’s flavoured with cheesy-tasting nutritional yeast and palm-oil-free vegan butter, ground black pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Also try cauliflower & parsnip mash, with garlic mushrooms.

if in doubt, make a cauliflower curry!

cauliflower and sweet potato chowder

This creamy cauliflower & sweet potato chowder (The First Mess) is a thick New-England-inspired soup which optionally roasts the cauliflower for a deeper flavour. This is a super-tasty recipe which uses umami-rich miso (a Japanese salty broth found in most stores), grain mustard and lemon, with extra oomph from smoked paprika, garlic and dried thyme. The ‘creamy’ is from oat or cashew cream, and you can even add in some chopped leftover green veggies and cooked beans (for extra protein).

the world’s first cauliflower ice cream!

EatKinda (New Zealand) has done the impossible, and created the world’s first ice-cream – made from cauliflowers! In fact, it’s not so much of a surprise. Cauliflower has a very mild flavour and lends itself well to making the base for desserts and cakes, so it was never going to be too long, before someone happened upon making ice-cream from the lowly vegetable.

Already sold out at tasting events, the brand was founded by a talented home cook, who whilst experimenting with a vegan cheesecake recipe, accidentally turned into a good ice-cream that had rave reviews. She pitched the ‘aha’ moment to a local startup, and paired up with a student of food technology, and the brand was born. And unlike many other vegan ice-cream ingredients (like soy), nobody but nobody surely can have an issue about cauliflowers? They grow absolutely everywhere, are cheap and good for you!

It’s sold in 3 flavours:

  1. Strawberry swirl
  2. Mint choc biccie
  3. Chocolate swirl

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