wildly tasty

If you can’t or won’t cook, sometimes it’s good to have a few plant-based ready meals to hand. Just remember to recycle packaging at kerbside or supermarket bag recycling bins. These meals are a cut above the rest, affordable and made with good natural ingredients.

wildly tasty bundle

Wildly Tasty award-winning plant-based meals for children and adults that taste yummy and are packed with nutrients, and low in salt. There are individual pots or family-sized meals. Sold in eco packaging, the company also partners with a Surrey wildlife rescue charity to help.

Allergens are highlighted on packs, but note the kitchen handles all major allergens. Meals are delivered in recycled vegan insulated packaging and ice packs (keep dry ice away from children and pets).

These meals are not for babies under 1 year. Read food safety for people & pets (many human foods are unsafe around animal friends).

You can mix and match the meals, which are all delivered frozen to your door. Minimum order is £20 and delivery is free for orders over £50.  Each pot feeds 2 children (under 5) or one older child. Most of these meals are heated in just a few minutes in the oven (or microwave if you use one) and store in the freezer for up to a month. Just add your side (rice, mash, tortilla, pasta etc – serving suggestions are included for proper nutrients) The meals have also been created alongside a nutritionist, so you don’t have to worry about calcium and protein etc.

The range includes:

  1. Yellow Thai Veggie Curry
  2. Mushroom Bolognese
  3. Jackfruit & Bean Chilli
  4. Coconut & Sweet Potato Dahl
  5. Apricot & Chickpea Tagine
  6. Tomato or roasted butternut pasta sauces

One feature that is popular with parents is these meals are not ‘padded’ with carbs, so you can add your own carbs to meals, which gives children more nutrients and choice. The company was founded by a mother of ‘two under two’ who was finding it a struggle to cook everything from scratch, but could not find meals to her health, taste and ethical standards in shops.  As she had 6 years of experience developing recipes for Mindful Chef, the solution was obvious!

The ingredients are top quality too. Vegetables and fruits are sourced from New Covent Garden, tomatoes from Italian farms and coconut milk from Biona (not just organic but guaranteed free from monkey slave harvesting). The meals also include natural proteins like beans, lentils and chickpeas, alongside naturally dried apricots (to avoid sulphites). Even the oats are grown and milled on a British farm. And rather than palm oil, the company uses extra-virgin olive oil and virgin raw coconut oil for fats.

vegan ready-meals for new parents

Pow Food also offers vegan ready-meal boxes, designed for busy new parents. Developed with a nutritionist, these frozen meals and balanced snacks can even be eaten with one hand! The range includes:

  1. Cottage pie with mushrooms & lentils
  2. Teriyaki tofu with mushroom & black beans
  3. Vegan parmigiana with sunflower ‘cheese’
  4. Cauliflower tikka masala
  5. Mixed bean chilli
  6. Mushroom stroganoff
  7. Tempeh katsu

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