Kylie Minogue wines

Alcohol-free wines are classed as drinks with APV of 0.5% (the same roughly as a ripe banana, orange juice or rye bread). The caveat of course is that doctors say for pregnant/nursing women to avoid any percentage completely. But if you’re teetotal, looking to reduce alcohol or the designated driver, these should suit. And they are far tastier than big brand no-alcohol  wines, and you’re also supporting local artisans and creating real jobs.

Corks are choking hazards, so don’t leave them lying around. Bin securely, chop up and put in your compost bin or send off in bulk to Recorked (or drop off at participating off licenses).

No-alcohol wines are also good for weight loss, as they tend to contain way less calories and also a lot less sugar. All the wines below are also vegan-friendly (free from animal-based fining agents like fish bladder).

Kylie Minogue’s alcohol-free pink fizz

Kylie Minogue wines

As if you couldn’t love her any more, Kylie Minogue has launched her own range of vegan wines, including a sparkling alcohol-free rose. It blends European premium grapes with green tea from the Yunnan Province in China, for a glass of just 22 calories of pink fizz, with hints of fresh strawberries.

alcohol-free wines from a Cordon Bleu graduate

noughty wine

Noughty is a brand of no-alcohol wine founded by a former art broadcaster who was raised on a plant-based, no-sugar diet. After training for a Diploma in Wine at France’s Le Cordon Bleu School, her no-alcohol wines (made with organic grapes) are now sold worldwide including at The Ritz Carlton, The Four Seasons and Raffles hotels. The global no-alcohol market is anticipated to reach an estimated $1.6 trillion by 2025, as sales continue to boom.

noughty wine

All these wines are vegan-friendly and Halal-certified, with around half the sugar content of other no-alcohol sparkling wines (around 14 calories per glass – compared to around 80 in a glass of standard wine). The range includes Noughty Blanc, Rouge & Red wines.

noughty wine

other good no-alcohol wines

alt no alcohol wines

ALT. is an award-winning brand of no-alcohol sparkling wine from Norway. These wines don’t compromise on flavour or effervescence, with every sip a testament to excellence. If you can’t find in stores you can order cases online. Choose from:

  1. Chardonnay (extra-dry and crisp refreshing, with notes of green apple, citrus peel and jasmine flower). Made from grapes from sandy soils in Spain.
  2. Tempranillo Rose (dry and mellow, this sparkling wine is perfect for social gatherings with notes of summer berries, watermelon and citrus peel).

Blurred Drinks are available two flavours, created by alchemists for the perfect no-alcoho tipple. Spark is a lively pink fizz with British red fruits, cold-brewed tea and innovative ferments. Sharp is a white wine alternative to be enjoyed alone or with fruit (with electrolytes, amino acids and vitamin D).

McGuigan Zero is a contemporary range of alcohol-free wines from crisp light Semillon to subtly spiced Shiraz to fruity rose.

Alchemy Wines have created an alcohol-free rosé wine that tastes like the real thing, and laden with flavours of red apple, red grapes and ripe peach. With half the calories of a glass of sparkling wine, a small percentage of profits from each sale go to NHS Charities Together. It’s made from German grapes for a Suffolk company, so the most ‘local’ no alcohol wine we could find.

Oddbird (Sweden) produces quality white, rose and red wines, plus an alcohol-free spumante with notes of Nashi pear, green apples and grapefruit). The company was founded by a a family therapist and social worker, who found most family-related concerns over her 20 years of experience were alcohol-related. So seeing the negative effects, she decided to create something different. 

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