hair conditioner bar

Not everyone needs a hair conditioner (and if your hair is really tangled and over-processed, it’s likely better to just chop your locks off, and start again). But if you do use one, avoid ones made with chemicals and sold in plastic bottles. There are better options that are also biodegradable, once rinsed down the sink or shower.

Battle Green conditioner bars are sold in metal tins over plastic bottles. They last a long time, just so long as you use a slatted dish, to keep them dry between uses. Made with jojoba/grapeseed oil and cocoa butter, they are available in scent-free chamomile, lavender or mint.

Avoid essential oils for pregnancy/nursing and affected medical conditions. Avoid shea butter for latex allergies. Keep away from children and pets.

good natural oils for dry hair

You can also just use natural oils for dry frizzy hair. The two most common are coconut oil (which helps keep moisture in the hair strand and prevents tangles) or sesame oil (used in Indian Ayurvedic head massages). Don’t massage into too much or it will make your hair greasy. 

Kokoso Coconut Oil is a quality brand (made for babies but good for anyone). Coconut oil melts in warm weather, so store in the fridge upright, and it resets. These coconuts are harvested by humans (not monkeys).

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