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We all left it way too late, even though experts had been warning for decades not to rely on Russia for oil. The war is now being blamed for all the price hikes (not entirely true, but partly). Instead, if we powered ourselves on our own energy (and that includes using less by having walkable communitie, local food and community solar panels), we would not now be in the financial mess we are in now. Read more on what we can learn from Alaska’s oil spill.

Not relying on Russian oil also is a good idea, to help create world peace. If Russia had not got so rich on selling oil, it would not now have the money to bomb Ukraine as it is doing now. Its power has been on the back of other countries not becoming energy-independent. Nearly all the wars on earth are caused by oil (proven as they are all oil-producing countries: Russia being just one example).

If we wait for MPs to solve climate change, we’ll be waiting a very long time. It’s far more empowering and effective to use less oil individually, and together this can help to create an oil-free economy, which is really the only answer. Here are a few ideas you can help:

Not only has the government recently approved a controversial oil and gas field in the North Sea, saying it will lower people’s bills. But climate lawyer Tessa Khan says that the oil field (to be located near the Shetland Isles) will keep us locked into fossil fuels for decades, and do nothing to reduce bills, as oil will be shipped abroad, then sold back at high profit. Greenpeace says that the Prime Minister has proved that he puts profits of oil companies above everyday people.

And the disastrous HS2 project for a ‘high-speed train’ is not only destroying wildlife (and will continue to do so once built – around 22,000 a year based on current estimates) but again this ‘speeding up of life’ goes against what is needed – to slow down.

Switch to a green energy company. Ecotricity is likely the best, it’s truly ethical and the company only uses vegan-friendly energy (so not energy from abattoirs etc) and also is making grass from gas! Learn tips to be a greener driver.

Switch to natural fabrics like cotton, hemp or linen (wash oil-synthetic fibres in microplastic catcher). Choose organic beauty/cleaning products (to avoid petroleum jelly). Choose unscented for pregnancy/nursing, affected medical conditions and for pet/baby bedding/bowls/cleaning.

Use a waterless car wash (to avoid driveway or supermarket car washes, that send untreated water down drains and cause mini oil spills). If you sail, read tips on how to be a sustainable sailor.

Vote for Green MPs. Even in 2023, President Biden (the so-called ‘green choice’) approved an $8bn drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope, which local environmentalists, wilderness campaigners and native communities are appalled at.

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