Seville Amber Davenport

Amber Davenport

Spain is a huge country, and although we often think of it as a cheap holiday destination with bullfights, in fact it’s a beautiful cultural country, and most Spanish people disagree with bullfights, and campaign against them (they are now illegal in some cities, and it’s mostly UK and American tourists that is the reason for it continuing.

UK tourists may want egg and chips, but Spanish food is more regional, based on seasonal produce, something we could learn from. It’s spicier than Italian food, and uses more peppers and chillies, so don’t rub your eyes if chopping them

Spain has its own animal welfare and green parties too! Recently, the Sumar political movement has collaborated all the main progressive parties as one movement, to try to gain more power including better animal welfare laws.

Barcelona Amber Davenport

Amber Davenport

Speaking the world’s most second-widely used language, Spanish people are renowned for giving the best directions, if tourists ask! They also kiss once on each cheek whenever meeting someone!

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